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    The Eurotechnology Group offers an innovated one-stop shop managed approach that focuses on assisting its clients in the day to day management and logistics required in support of their tubulars, drill strings, tools and equipment inventories employed in the various facets in drilling and completing the oil and gas wells.

    Services covered under the Managed approach services concept include Non-Destructive Testing (various types of inspection), QA/QC & third party inspection services, hardbanding, machining and refurbishment of O.C.T.G Tubular Goods and Line Pipe Products, Repair / Refurbishment of Casing, Tubing and Rotary Drill Stem Components, Drilling Tools and Equipment, Completion systems assembly and providing Pressure Testing and other related services. Logistical support is provided to the end user by a dedicated focal point who is responsible in ensuring that the customer is aware of the situation to its tubular and equipment inventories at all times via a dedicated real time software interface.

    Where customers do not require a fully managed approach to the refurbishment of tubulars and equipment, Eurotechnology also provides individual service lines based on the clients requirement.

    In addition to supplying the end user with services, the Eurotechnology Group also manufactures and supplies the end user with a full range of Inspection, Hardbanding and CNC Threading Equipment designed to meet the customers required supported by commissioning the equipment at location and training of the client’s personnel.

    The Eurotechnology Group is also a provider of the various NDT inspection technique training programmes for the customer’s personnel.