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    The Eurotechnology Group is the oil and gas industry’s leading independent provider of inspection technologies, innovated threading systems and related equipment required to establish a one stop solution for the inspection, repair and refurbishment of tubulars, drilling, completion and related equipment and accessories.

    The one stop solution is targeted generally at the drilling contractor, smaller operating companies and service companies trying to reduce overhead and focus on their core competencies, rather than expending energies on support services to their operations.

    The one stop shop solution managed approach by the Eurotechnology Group offers the customers the following advantages from just one source:
    1. One service entity to interface with assigned focal point
    2. Logistical support from the dock / source to the yard, to the rig and back to base.
    3. Tubular Management System, storage and material tracking systems via FOCS, an integrated data system that includes a link for the client to track their tubulars and equipment, inventory reports and status of inspection and refurbishment of tools and equipment along with complete jobs and the various inspection reports.