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    The Eurotechnology Group has reached an agreement with In-Situ from the UK to manufacture its innovated CNC threading units and related equipment at Eurotechnology’s manufacturing plant in Bahrain where In-Situ through its company Tubular Threading Technologies will provide the design, commissioning, training and support functions from Bahrain.

    Together the two organisations will provide the following products and services
    In-situ is a long established engineering company that have provided advance technologies for the threading of tubulars to the oil and gas industry

    Eurotechnology is a leading manufacturer of inspection and hardbanding equipment in addition to using its equipment in services provided to the end user that also incorporates the In-situ threading systems.

    In-situ Technical Milestones

    1989: Prototype machine developed - Control system Bosch CC100T
    1994: Series 500 machine designed and incorporated into ISO 20' container.
    1997: Series 500 workshop machine developed.
    1998: Designed and developed Series 1200 machine with 20"-48" capacity.
    First Fanuc control 18i-TA used.
    First Siemens control 810T used.
    2000: Designed new version of 20" threading machine and named Series 2000.
    2001: First Fanuc 18i-TB Control Used.
    2005: Designed and Patented In-Situ ovality compensating 4 jaw chuck.
    Designed Series 2000 Mill machine.
    2008: Designed and Patented In-Situ Pendleslide(r) 2 Axis laser aligned Chuck system.
    Incorporated Non-Contact Laser technology.
    2009: Designed and developed In-Situ Phospating system
    2010: Developed first 14 Axis threading machine based on Series 1200.
    First Company in UK to use Fanuc 31i-TB control
    First Company in Europe to use Fanuc's Arbitrary Speed Threading feature.
    Designed and implemented Direct feedback on our rotating tooling head.
    Designed Servo controlled 4 Jaw chuck in conjunction with our Pendleslide Technology.
    Designed In-Situ servo V Roller.
    2012: Developed our Rotary Tooling head with 20M/Min capability.
    2013: Developed 24Tool Tool changer for production machines
    2014: Developed servo/laser controlled 4 jaw chuck to handle 20” to 2 3/8” o/d pipe without jaw change.
    2014: Developed integrated servo controlled pup feed table to cover 20” to 2 3/8” dia pups
    2014: Developed complete servo controlled pipe feed systems to handle 20” to 2 3/8” o/d, covering pup joints and full length pipe. Designed to allow change over from pups to pipe with minimum production disruption.

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