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    Drilling & Completion Tools and Equipment Inspection Services

    In addition to the several inspection techniques for drilling tubulars and the various tubing work strings, the rotary bottom hole assemblies, completion running tools as well as the different service tools and equipment require regulars inspection. The Eurotechnology Group offers the end user either at the Eurotechnology Services Base, the client’s location or on location the following service lines:

    • BHA inspection & Non-magnetic BHA equipment including drill collars, heavy weight drill pipe, drilling jars, shock tools, stabilizers, reamers, subs and associated tools of the BHA
    • Service Tools: Directional, Electric Wire Line & Slick line packages
    • Completion Assemblies & associated components
    • Miscellaneous inspection services offered by Eurotechnology include:
    • Ultrasonic & Eddy Current Testing
    • Rotary Shoulder Refacing
    • Full dimensional checks
    • Visual Testing including internal video or optical
    • Hardness Testing
    • Pressure Testing
    • Field Gradient Inspections (Hot Spot Testing)
    • Photographic Logging