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    Series : HT1602
    Type: Low/High pressure (0-20000PSI) with chart recorder
        • Two air Driven pump for high /low pressure operation (Haskel)
        • Pressure range:
             • Low pressure range 0-5,000PSI
             • High pressure range 0-20,000PSI
        • Flow:
             • High flow pump displacement 0.67cu in
             • Low flow pump displacement 0.18 cu in
         • 6” S.S. pressure gauge with range 0-30,000PSI
         • 9” chart recorder (range 0-2000oPSI), battery powered, 24H.
         • Two relief valve, range (0-6,000PSI) and (0-21,000PSI)
         • Regulated air pressure (0-150PSI)
         • Water tank capacity 160Ltr
         • Stainless steel enclosed construction for safety operation.
         • Mobile by caster wheels.