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    An innovated hardbanding system inclusive of a tilting system to accommodate build-up of the 18 degrees taper area.

    The unit is containerised with its own power supply unless otherwise required by the client.
    The unit is designed for field, yard or plant applications and is designed to apply the different applications for Drill Pipe and BHA’s including the capability for non-magnetic tools.


    • Applications
      1. Arnco – all XT licenses
      2. Postel Industries – Duraband, Tuffband and Ultraband
    • 20 ft x 8 ft self-containerised Hardband unit
      1. Capable of hardbanding Tool Joint, Centre Wear Pads with easy accessibility along with tilting capability for 18 degrees taper welding
      2. Electric or diesel generator driven, please specify
    • One Chuck Frame Assembly
      1. One 25” Self-centring Hollow Chuck, 3 jaw chuck with a 10” opening to accommodate tool joints
      2. One wire feed assembly and torch to accommodate 1/16” – 3/16” welding wire. Torch is mounted on an adjustable mechanism
      3. One tungsten carbide feed hopper/vibrator
      4. Automatic step over after each band applied
    • One Electrical Control Panel (Containing)
      1. Welding torch Oscillator Control
      2. Cooling Pump Control
      3. Welder voltage and amperage control together with DC and AC Volt, and DC amp meters. This control is easily adjustable during welding process
      4. Solenoid regulator to control the flow of the carbon dioxide/argon mixture
      5. Hollow chuck rotational speed control
      6. Single point of power input for the complete unit
    • Plasma Gouging Unit
      1. 380mm self-centring three-jaw chuck complete with geared motor
      2. Gouging chamber complete with fumes extractor
      3. Two set jack stands complete with hydraulic cylinders and transfer ball bearing to pull the pipe into the chuck and rotate the pipe at a controlled speed
      4. Hydraulic power pack complete with hose and fittings
      5. Electrical control panel to control the chuck, hydraulic motor, hydraulic jacks and fumes extractor
      6. 9000 BTU 230 volt air-conditioning unit
      7. 1 set hydraulic cylinder complete with adjustment to pick up material with bearing, hoses, fittings and mounting skid for turning pipe 18 degrees
    • Pre and Post Heat
    • Temperature controlled post and pre-heat cans