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    A field unit combination inspection unit that comprises of the latest in EMI technologies with a ultrasonic end area inspection capability for drill pipe

    1. Inspection of Casing, Tubing, Line Pipe and Drill Pipe
    2. Size range from 2 3/8” through 13 3/8” OD
    3. EMI: longitudinal, transverse and three dimensional and full length wall
    4. 100% Ultrasonic wall thickness measurement .
    4. Ultrasonic end area inspection for drill pipe incorporated into the exit rack after the EMI body inspection
    5. Unit can be containerised along with store and workshop as required or installed into a covered facility application


    • Inspection of Casing, Tubing, Line Pipe and Drill Pipe
    • Size range from 2 3/8” through 13 3/8” OD
    • Rotating head EMI system complete with control cabin complete with data acquistion.
    • Five function Inspection system
      1. EMI Transverse and three dimensional Inspection
      2. EMI Longitudinal Inspection
      3. EMI Wall measurement system
      4. EMI Grade differential
      5. Ultrasonic end area inspection incorporated into the exit racking
    • Calibration joints, please specify size and length
    • Power pack and hoses
    • Loading, transfer and offloading racking systems designed to suit customers’ needs
    • Specify Power requirement
    • Generator power can be quoted if mains power are not available or back up power source required
    • Optional Blacklight / MPI containerised unit for end area inspection that is incorporated in to the finishing racks with aperture to allow tubulars to enter cabin for inspection no use of canopy by operater required. Complete with dual hydraulically operated pop up rollers to allow ease of end area inspection. Unit is designed to accommodate both range 2 and range 3 tubulars
    • Internal cleaning of the tubular utilising high pressure water jetting option available
    • External full length rotary wire brushing of tubular option is also available which would be built into the entry rack before inspection of the tube
    • Does not include inspection tools / equipment as requirements by clients differ. Comprehensive listing would be developed based on customers inspection requirement and configuration
    • Repair tools, spare parts and consumables recommendation for period as agreed with client taking into consideration location and operational environment