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    Eurotechnology Incon is a leading provider of applied inspection technologies training programmes and certification for both internal operations as well as third party client’s for the following disciplines.

    • Advanced NDT Techniques (EMI; UT; ET ; F.L.U.T.)
    • NDT Methods (MT ; PT ; UT ; VT; RI ; RT)
    • Weld Inspection Processes (3.0; 3.1; 3.2)
    • ASNT / PCN Level III Consultant)

    The NDT inspection training business targets customers who are the end users that carry out their own in-house inspection processes in both the oil and gas operating sectors, including the industrial plants and refineries that has a large requirement for various NDT disciplines.
    An important development in NDT training and certification is the Drill Stem Product Specific Scheme comprising CSWIP Approved Rotary Tool Inspection & Drillpipe courses together with CSWIP Independent Personnel Certification. These courses and certification scheme are the result of an amalgamation of existing courses developed and implemented by Eurotechnology. Eurotechnology after many years of employer based schemes developed formal, Independent, Third Party Personnel Certification Scheme for Drill-stem Specific Products such as Rotary Tool and Drillpipe that is provided to third parties. To date, Eurotechnology is the only company to successfully complete the requirements in accordance with the CSWIP Scheme to offer such courses and personnel certification. This scheme has been eagerly awaited by the Oil Companies and has, in general terms, been welcomed by the Industry as a means of ensuring high levels of confidence in the application of the standards. Eurotechnology also conducts many NDT training courses worldwide. In the past few years we have completed courses in Norway, Tunisia, Vietnam, Qatar, Abu Dhabi, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Algeria, Houston Texas, & Brunei