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    MFD 900 UT

    The Eurotechnology Group has entered into an agreement to become a the provider of the INSPECTION TECHNOLOGY EUROPE BV MFD 9000 Ultrasonic wall measurement and lamination inspection systems. The Multichannel Flaw Detector MFD900 is an ultrasonic flaw detector especially designed for in line high production quality inspection

    • Wall Measurement and Laminations and a PC based central processor with bright TFT 12.1 inch LCD panel and touch screen
    • The instrument is controlled by touch screen and 5 analogue feel rotary encoders which allow for easy setup and control.
    • The parallel architecture, allows high inspection speeds to be achieved.
    • A flexible timeslot manager is available to program the pulser firing sequence. This is helpful to prevent crosstalk in multi-transducer heads.